Dol-me Dol-my!

I have been wanting to make dolmades for some time now.  Chow Chow told me she doesn’t like them, so I saw that as a challenge. I successfully converted her to brussels sprouts, so how hard could it be?

We were already out at Just Ripe for br/lunch and didn’t want to go anywhere else to buy groceries. Since dill’s a high summer herb, I decided to replace the dill in this recipe with fennel, and I used cashews instead of pine nuts. Delicious. Chow Chow loved em ❤ I caught her sneaking some more in the kitchen at 1 a.m.!

I used Apothic Red in the simmerin’ juice & sipped upon the rest.

Also, it was an experiment to see if you could make them in a crock pot— it was a great success!

Here’s the recipe.



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