¡Moussaka Bomb! — ¡μουσακά βόμβα!

Moussaka is a greasebomb. There’s no doubt about it. All those dry-ass health-food recipes out there don’t deserve to use the name Moussaka. Those Greeks loved grease so much they named their country after it.

Eggplant is the backbone of Moussaka—Apparently Chow Chow and I are on an aubergine-bender. Fried in liberal amounts of oil, it is layered with a red sauce and a traditional Béchamel white sauce making it sort of a Greek version of lasagne.

Instead of cheese that’s made from Bovine glandular secretions, I went with one that is made of Cassava, a relative of Yuca.

Lightlife has come out with a new flavor of  tempeh that was really delicious in the red sauce for this recipe. If I’d had some wine I probably would have added that to the red sauce as well. Instead of the oregano called for in the recipe, I used culinary lavender and rosemary because those are both flourishing in our perennial garden right now.

You could serve Moussaka with rice or noodles, but we ate it with warm pita bread and leftover taboule & baba from yesterday. Chow Chow made some utterly amazing spanokopita (as usual) and with the leftover phyllo dough, we made some baklava as quick as anything.

Get the recipes here




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