Butternut Bliss

It’s been getting kind of chilly here lately, so on Sunday I decided to make a soup to warm us up. I like cauliflower puréed in soups because it makes things creamy without using cream, ya dig?

Turnips are always welcome in my soups because, despite their sharp flavor when raw, if you simmer them for awhile, they add an amazing summin’ summin’ to the broth that no one can quite put their finger on. Three Rivers Market has some beautiful turnips right now.

Parsnips add a nice mellow sweetness and round the whole thing off nicely, so I picked the two fattest parsnips I could find.

I chopped up those three veggies, tossed them with olive oil, sea salt, thyme and red chili flakes and roasted them in the oven at 475*F. I put a butternut squash in to roast at the same time.

When they were nicely browned (the squash actually keeps roasting for awhile while you do the next part) I pureéd them all with a lot of coconut milk, some turmeric, a tiny bit of curry and a few dashes of Spanish smoked paprika.

Once that was simmering, I chopped the butternut squash, added it to the milky white purée and finished with some finely minced fresh sage from Chow Chow’s garden and voilà!

That was so easy, I ain’t even gonna link a recipe.



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