Lazy Day Junk Food

Even the most health-conscious among us need to let loose every now and again and enjoy some junk food, which will hereafter be known as “comfort food.” The other night I was feeling lazy and wanted something fast and delicious. The co-op had BBQ sandwiches on their hot bar and that inspired us to make some of our own. Now, being from Texas, I will admit my bias, but I do truly believe that Stubb’s is the best barbecue sauce around.

C.B. Stubblefield was a Texan chef who opened his restaurant in Lubbock in the 60s. His food was so popular that he eventually opened a club in Austin where folks like Johnny Cash and Stevie Ray Vaughn played whenever they were in town. Even now, most artists who come to play Austin, will do a lo-key or even a secret performance at Stubb’s BBQ. Everywhere I travel in the U.S., I find Stubb’s sauces and marinades for sale at supermarkets, so you can probably pick up a bottle no matter where you live. I really just enjoy the Original flavor, though all of them are delicious (except the honey one which is kind of yucky, Lord knows ol’Stubb didn’t invent that recipe). I suppose you could use a different kind of sauce, but I certainly would not endorse such a haphazard decision.

I wish I had an outdoor grill, but I don’t. And it was raining. So what I did was to sautée a half of an onion at a medium-low temperature for a good long while till it caramelized. Then I added a 16oz package of seiten, discarding the water. I continued cooking for a few minutes before adding the sauce and stirring everything up real good. I stuck the whole skillet under the broiler to sort of blacken the tips and while that happened, I fried up some ‘taters. I took the skillet out once and stirred it up again before returning it to the broiler to finish.

In Texas, barbecue is served with raw onions, fresh jalapeños, and coleslaw. We had all that plus some astounding dill pickles canned fresh this summer by Chow Chow herself.  On a sourdough bun, it was absolutely perfect. No need to link to a recipe for this “comfort food,” cause it was so simple, fast and  mindnumbingly delicious.



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